La Belle Le Parfum

La Belle Le Parfum, the new fragrance for her by Jean Paul gaultier!

“La Belle Le Parfum, The new intensity of Jean Paul Gaultier’s original woman

In Gaultier’s Garden, where all sins are permitted, the new original woman, La Belle Le Parfum, heightens her seductiveness with addictive sensuality. A curvaceous dark red forbidden fruit for more intensity, its femininity embellished by a necklace of gold roses. And under the scintillating sun within this dense vegetation, her Lusciously Intense Oriental Eau de Parfum intoxicates the senses with elegance. Yield to the temptation!

From red to black, the original femininity of La Belle Le Parfum displays its intensity through the gradation of colours along its perfect lines. An ultra-sensual allure embellished by a necklace of gold roses, which dangles temptation from her neck.

la belle le parfum

The Fragrance

la belle ingredients

The intense femininity of a Luscious Oriental Eau de Parfum

At the origin of this creation, the desire to bite into a harmonious fusion of green pear, sensual Jasmine, Tonka Bean, and addictive Vanilla. This Intense Eau de Parfum from Gaultier’s Garden is a forbidden blend of irresistibly   enticing and radiant seductiveness. 

Allow yourself to be drawn into its wake. 


Sensual, the Intense La Belle Le Parfum Eau de Parfum is sprayed on generously and seductively. From the top of the décolleté to the intimacy of the wrists, its addictiveness will hug your elegant curves with a natural power of attraction.

Top Notes:



 Middle Notes:



 Base Notes:

Tonka Bean



Jean Paul Gaultier malta

La Belle Le Parfum

Intense Eau de Parfum 30ml


Jean Paul Gaultier malta

La Belle Le Parfum

Intense Eau de Parfum 50ml


Jean Paul Gaultier malta

La Belle Le Parfum (includes a complimentary body lotion!)

Intense Eau de Parfum 100ml


la belle le parfum

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