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L’ Air du Temps a Paris Chez Antoinette Poisson

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Nina Ricci’s legendary fragrance, L’Air du Temps is reinvented in a limited edition designed in partnership with the house of Antoinette Poisson, a specialist in handmade wallpapers.

Its bottle is exceptionally decorated with golden yellow dove motifs on a porcelain-like lacquered white bottle. This bottle contains a brand new fragrance: the luminous combination of bright yuzu and sunny tuberose, softened by a sensual sandalwood and musk base note.

A radiant eau de parfum, which reveals the incomparable olfactory signature of L’Air du Temps Nina Ricci.

The Fragrance

An original eau de parfum, in a bottle revisited by the house of Antoinette Poisson.

This reinterpretation of L’Air du Temps radiates with sensuality and luminosity. Fresh and sharp yuzu, creates a sparkling alliance with pink peppercorns. Then come the velvety and sunny tuberose and jasmine notes. These voluptuous flowers are heightened by an enveloping base note of almost creamy musks and sandalwood.

All the spirit of L’Air du Temps in a dazzlingly modern fragrance, in a limited edition.

antoinette poisson

Created in 2012, the house of A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson has brought back a forgotten know-how: “ dominoterie” or domino paper. This eighteenth century technique consists in printing sheets of decorative paper using engraved plates, before enhancing them with brushwork or a template.

Sharing the same love of poetry with Nina Ricci, Antoinette Poisson was inspired by the iconic doves of L’Air du Temps and imagined an exclusive motif: a drawing of birds whirling in the middle of a world of flowers, reproduced in golden yellow on a porcelain-like lacquered white bottle. 


L’ Air du Temps a Paris Chez Antoinette Poisson

Eau de Parfum 50ml


A Nina Ricci Toiletry Bag will be given with every bottle of L’Air du Temps a Paris Chez Antoinette Poisson! 


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