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Scandal a Paris – Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier presents a Parisian femininity, sensual and sexy.

A rumor is spreading that Jean Paul Gaultier is back with a new scandal. A feminine fragrance, far away from the cliché, for a powerful and sexy woman.  Let yourself be tempted by the radiant and luminous trail of Scandal A Paris and trigger the craziest rumors.

A honey jasmine. Like a rumor, the scandal spreads with the new interpretation of Scandal’s addictive honey. Here it comes full of light and sun with a radiant jasmine and a juicy pear.

The new eau de toilette from Jean Paul Gaultier. Scandal A Paris has all the original codes of Scandal EDP but now with a slimmer silhouette. This new shape gives it an ultra feminine and sensual look with the legs in the air!

The scandal continues with Scandal A Paris. The can, still covered in velvet, but now the original SCANDAL red logo is highlighted by the word “A Paris”. A bold combination you will hear about! 

Scandal a Paris Ingredients
Scandal a paris eiffel tower


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