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Supergloss is hypnotic and sophisticated and it’s considered the scent of seduction. The original red color of the essence meets the fuchsia pink of its feminine soul and triggers an explosion of seduction and charm.

Sensuality and charm are its genetic code.  Beauty is imprinted in the iconic Costume National Scents bottle, a glass reproduction of Ennio Capasa’s sculpture inspired by the human figure.

the scent

The olfactory opulence of red fruits envelops and unsettles the intimate notes of lily of the valley and the delicate essences of orange blossom. The carnal and intense notes of rose join the sensual accents of osmanthus and gently abandon themselves to the vibrations of benzoin resinoid.

The dry essences of cedar wood combine with enigmatic patchouli light oil and vetiver to veil the new Costume National Scents creation with mystery and charm.


Red fruits, orange blossom, lily of the valley


Rose, osmanthus, benzoin


Cedarwood, patchouli light, vetiver


Chypre Floral


15 %

the range


Eau de Parfum



(Includes a complimentary travel spray!)

Eau de Parfum


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Nina Rouge – Nina Ricci

Apple of my eye...

The gourmand floral fragrance opens on a fruity facet that marries juicy raspberry with fresh citron zest. This is followed by a floral bouquet: the feminine and vibrant blend of gardenia and ginger flower. Last but not least, bourbon vanilla and crunchy caramel give Nina Rouge its unique gourmand signature. That is the magical formula behind this joyful and delicious fragrance.

Bright red. Delicious red.

Reconnecting with Nina’s roots and its iconic toffee apple, Nina Ricci creates Nina Rouge: an eau de toilette that turns the colour red into a symbol of joyful and spontaneous enchantment. It also gives a starring role to a daring gourmand facet.

How could anyone resist?


Scandal a Paris – Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier presents a Parisian femininity, sensual and sexy.

A rumor is spreading that Jean Paul Gaultier is back with a new scandal. A feminine fragrance, far away from the cliché, for a powerful and sexy woman.  Let yourself be tempted by the radiant and luminous trail of Scandal A Paris and trigger the craziest rumors.

A honey jasmine. Like a rumor, the scandal spreads with the new interpretation of Scandal’s addictive honey. Here it comes full of light and sun with a radiant jasmine and a juicy pear.

The new eau de toilette from Jean Paul Gaultier. Scandal A Paris has all the original codes of Scandal EDP but now with a slimmer silhouette. This new shape gives it an ultra feminine and sensual look with the legs in the air!

The scandal continues with Scandal A Paris. The can, still covered in velvet, but now the original SCANDAL red logo is highlighted by the word “A Paris”. A bold combination you will hear about! 

Scandal a Paris Ingredients
Scandal a paris eiffel tower
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Pure XS – Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne - The master of fantasies

Paco Rabanne is always where you least expect it. Iconoclastic, offbeat, essential. Capturing the spirit of the times only to go against the grain. A knack for provocation, inherited from its founder, cultivated with irony. At Paco Rabanne, creation is a shock and always breaks away from the norm. The fragrances say no to conformity and yes to all fantasies.

In 2017, Pure XS announces the comeback of sex, or rather eroticism. With excess in its very genes. He’s a man who has it all, excessively. Wealth and beauty, with his whole life ahead of him a desirable heir with every advantage that surpasses perfection.

Raised in the neo-gothic family mansion, he has been surrounded by fine artwork and grand cru wines from early childhood. He’s a good-looking man with fine taste and sharp wit who isn’t afraid of speed in his Aston Martin.

Clearly well cultured and an aesthete, his life is a work of art on a par with his destiny and so is his body. A perfect physique, a calm composure and an angel’s face to boot. The handsome heir cuts a fine figure, naturally with a gift for attracting women, effortlessly. How can anyone keep their cool in the presence of such beauty ? Especially in the presence of a man who seems unattainable. And who tests the limits.

Pure XS is a vibrant, magnetic and fresh oriental with a permanent in-and-out between cold and hot, gentle and intense. Two sensations on edge, brushing against, attracting and echoing each other. The first excess: explosive freshness. During this foreplay, the senses go wild and the palate tingles with an overdose of almost icy ginger. A juicy, delicious, bite inducing, aphrodisiac. A carnal second wind: the green creaminess of vegetal sap and ultra-masculine thyme. The second excess and double indecency: smouldering sensuality. Cinnamon adds a piquant touch and makes mouths water. A spicy sin! Followed by a surge of power with deep, noble vanilla infused with leather-liquor-musk inflections. Sweet animality.

Finally, it’s time to let go and sink into the pulsing warmth of myrrh dusted with sugar. A sensation of overheated skin to enter an altered state. And, quickly, a pure longing to indulge once again.

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