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Le Beau Le Parfum

Le Beau Le Parfum, the new intensity by Jean Paul Gaultier!

When Jean Paul Gaultier created this perfect new nude, Le Beau Le Parfum, it wasn’t to keep it covered up! In this Garden of Eden amidst abundant nature, a simple gold vine leaf plucked from the iconic green box is more than enough to clothe the muscled black and green lacquered torso bottle. And if the seductive powers of Gaultier’s new intense eau de parfum are extra sensual, so much the better as nothing is off limits here. All you have to do is take a bite of the forbidden fruit with its fresh and addictive amber woodiness.

A woody Amber

Le Beau Ingredients

Every addiction hides a secret. And the secret of this intense woody amber eau de parfum lies in Gaultier’s garden. The fragrance daringly blends powerful virile sandalwood and tonka bean with sensual ambergris and zesty ginger and pineapple. Leaving you naked in the face of desire

Top Notes:

Coconut Wood


 Middle Notes:

Tonka Bean


 Base Notes:

Santal Wood



Le Beau Le Parfum 75ml

Le Beau Le Parfum

Eau de Parfum Intense 75ml


Le Beau Le Parfum 125ml

Le Beau Le Parfum

Eau de Parfum Intense 125ml


le beau le parfum gift

A Le Parfum Shower Gel will be given with every 125ml bottle of Le Beau Le Parfum Purchased!

le beau sailors


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