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1 Million Elixir

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The new intense parfum fragrance by Paco Rabanne

Discover 1 Million Elixir, the pinnacle of intensity from Million, a new fragrance guided by a desire for supreme quality.

1 Million Elixir is a blend of hand-picked ingredients collected from across the globe, celebrating our perfumers’ craftmanship and the fusion of the finest raw ingredients.
A new dimension, unbelievably intense, unmistakably 1 Million.

million elixir paco rabanne

An amber woody

1 Million Elixir, richer than ever before, for thrilling sensations. 

The hand-picked ingredients, Turkish Damascena rose, osmanthus and wild grown tonka beans, undoubtedly make this masterpiece composition stand out by the extreme quality of its raw materials.

Deeply sensual, liquorous davana vibrates with the power of smooth woods and black vanilla seeds. Supreme sensuality meets absolute long-lasting power.


million elixir range

1 Million Elixir 



1 million elixir 100ml

1 Million Elixir 



1 Million Elixir 



million elixir gift

To celebrate the launch, we are offering a complimentary toiletry bag with every 100ml or 200ml bottle of 1 Million Elixir purchased, until stocks last.

Lady Million Fabulous

The new feminine fragrance by Paco Rabanne

Life is fabulous. Time to shine!

Discover the new feminine fragrance from Paco Rabanne, Lady Million Fabulous, queen of the night.

When the party is on, she’s in her power: deeply fabulous and dressed to impress. 

Created to incarnate the hypnotic thrill of music and the rushing joy of dance, Lady Million Fabulous is an exuberant and addictive fragrance filled with a floral vibration and a light that sparkles after dark.

lady million fabulous

A Floral leather

Lady Million Fabulous, a new ORIENTAL-floral fragrance by Paco Rabanne, where sparkling white florals clash with a deeply seductive base. 

  • Vibrant pink-pepper and fresh mandarin introduce a radiant solar-floral bouquet; with jasmine, ylang-ylang and creamy tuberose.
  • Elegant moss and tonka bean add a contrasting powerful glow that shimmers with rich vanilla – creating a lasting and addictive, sensual warmth. 

Like in a trance, all you want to do is dance.


lady million fabulous
lady million fabulous 30ml

Lady Million Fabulous

EDP 30ml


lady million fabulous

Lady Million Fabulous

EDP 50ml


lady million fabulous

Lady Million Fabulous

EDP 80ml


makeup pouch with travel spray

To celebrate the launch, we are offering a complimentary makeup pouch and travel spray with every 80ml bottle of Lady Million Fabuloous purchased, until stocks last.

1 Million Parfum

The new masculine fragrance by Paco Rabanne

One Million Parfum, Eau de Parfum has the audacity of leather. An intensely masculine scent, with sun-drenched charm. 

The fragrance dares to push boundaries and plays with the senses. A duality between salty notes and sun-drenched leather. 

A fragrance with amber heat for an exacerbated sensuality. Like skin touched by the sun. One Million Perfume is addictive, like gold. 

Like an emblem carved in metal, this fragrance is for those who dare to stand out amongst the millions. Be excessive. Bold. Exaggerate, just a little.

A Floral leather

Floral leather with sun-drenched charm. A perfume for men that dares to harness contradiction. Added opulence. For always more opulence. 


  • The addictive scent of tuberose with notes of iodine. 


  • The sensuality of leather with accents of resin and pine. Descending sun rays. 


  • The warmth of amber. The feeling of skin heated by sun, almost salty. 


1 Million Parfum 

EDP 200ml


1 Million Parfum 

EDP 100ml


1 Million Parfum 

EDP 50ml


To celebrate the launch, we are offering a complimentary weekend bag with every 100ml bottle of 1 million Parfum purchased, until stocks last.


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