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Nina Rose Garden

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The new limited edition by Nina Ricci!

Nina Ricci is a free spirit that loves women in their most sensitive and specifics aspects. It follows them step by step creating for them couture and fragrances.

Nina Ricci fragrances tap into women’s desires. In every era, an aspiration and a dream are revealed, full of poetry and sensuality.

Nina Ricci believes in the power of charm. Women seduce with their singularity and spontaneity.

More than a brand, Nina Ricci is a woman talking to every women. Nina Ricci believes in sincere beauty of independent women, and powerful charm of their emotions. It captures the essence of women and grants their deepest desires.

Nina Ricci portrays women. She channels every moment of a woman’s life with poetry and emotion. An imaginative storyteller full of allegories and symbols: the Three Graces, the doves, the apples and the flowers.

Since its creation, Nina Ricci maintains a constant conversation with arts and crafts. This artistic sensitivity confers to its style a mix of simplicity, purity and a profusion of creativity.

The new Nina Rose Garden fragrance, is the pleasure of an escapade, a picnic in the park, rustling leaves, the sun’s rays on the skin, the scent of barely blossomed flowers, crisp fruit ripening in the gentle spring light. It is a refreshing getaway as nature bursts back into life.

Notes of pear and cut grass combine to create an ultra-fresh accord that offsets the sensuality of neroli and orange blossom, with the addictive smoothness of vanilla and white musks… A real delight in a glossy pink apple-shaped bottle adorned with a gingham ribbon, an irresistible Couture signature..



nina rose garden

The Fragrance

NIna Rose Garden Ingredients

Nina Rose Garden is a green floral fragrance tinged with all the sparkle of Nina Ricci.

Amidst burgeoning nature, the smell of cut grass mingles with the aroma of crisp pear to form a fresh accord enhanced by a dash of lemon and grapefruit.

At this point appears a tender and sensual middle note composed of absolute of orange blossom and neroli blossom.

Finally, vanilla absolute and white musk add a touch of addictive smoothness to this jus that is as refreshing as a spring breeze.

Top Notes:

Cut Grass


 Middle Notes:

Neroli and Orange Blossom


 Base Notes:

Vanilla and White Musk



La Belle Le Parfum

Intense Eau de Parfum 30ml


nina rose garden

Nina Rose Garden

Eau de Toilette 50ml


NIna Rose Garden
NIna Rose Garden


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