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Twist and Spritz

Twist & Spritz


Twist & Spritz provides a convenient way to take your favourite fragrance on holiday without having to deal with a heavy (and breakable) glass bottle!  The Twist&Spritz atomiser is easy to refill! 

Just pop off the the pump of your favourite fragrance’s bottle (most perfume bottles allow you to do this, but it’s best to check your favourite perfume’s bottle before buying a twist and spritz) then insert the nosil into the bottom of your Twist & Spritz, just as if you’re filling up a lighter.

The Twist & Spritz can accommodate 8ml of your fragrance, which is about 100 sprays!  It’s so lightweight that you can now not only take your favourite fragrance on holiday, but 3 or 4 of your favourites, to have the perfect fragrance for every occasion that can arise while on vacation!

Best of all?  The Twist & Spritz costs just 11.60, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to own this stylish travel accessory!




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